Coming into loving connection with someone else is such an essential part of being alive and full, an interesting journey to set out on. But it’s not always an obvious journey. Often, in the process of becoming closer and more attached, patterns develop in relating that may not result in the joyful intimacy that’s longed for. Injuries and vulnerabilities can complicate and cloud closeness.

Arriving at a time when you need skilled help in your relationship is an expression of flexible strength. Couples therapy is a way to re-connect with the joy and security of feeling known and wanted by your partner(s). It is a way to find new relationship to each individual’s own vulnerability as well as to the vulnerability of your beloved.

Deep, loving and mutually gratifying relationships can happen in many configurations. In a non-judgmental way, I work to support you in having the relationships you want to have with the people you love; gay, straight, bi-sexual, pan-sexual, polyamorous, inter-faith or inter-racial/cultural.

I have completed Core Skills training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and incorporate this model into my work with couples as well as with individuals.